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Transforming products and lifestyles into new solutions, simplifying everyday life by making smart software and devices.

Areas of Expertise

Internet of Things
Website and Web App
Mobile Apps
Smart Home
Feasibility Study
  • Internet of Things

    The new paradigm of IoT is one of the tools we use to fulfill our vision: Connecting Everything.
    We design and make hardware and software with the goal of maximize the exploitation of Internet capabilities, because we believe in a connected world that simplifies and enriches people experiences.

  • Websites & Web Apps

    A website is one of the possible windows that allow private individuals and companies to appear on the network to present themselves to the world, considered a standard in the digital environment, in recent years they've been reached by Web Apps (Web Applications), which allow to have multiple benefits in terms of data management, availability and ease of access to the platform as they simply require a browser.

  • Mobile Apps

    Applications, or apps, are at the foundamental building block of the incredible transformation of the object that was once a simple mobile phone, making a smart device that has become an integral part of our lives. Apps can be of any type (video games, hotel and restaurant reservations, maps, quizzes, social networks, etc ...), do you need to create your own? Contact Us!

  • Smart Home

    Within the paradigm of the Internet of Things is included the Smart Home implementation.
    Our dream home is a connected and smart one where comfort, safety and energy savings live. We design monitoring sensors and wi-fi, smart infrastructures, appliances talking to each other, energy monitor systems and smart grids.

  • Wearable Devices

    From fashion to fitness, from health to personale security till augmented reality, there is a large market for wearable technologies.
    We want to operate in this market by creating wearable and mobile devices with the objective of improving and simplifying lifestyles and habits established and taken for granted.

  • Studio di fattibilitĂ 

    A fundamental step in creating a product (hardware, software, or both) is the feasibility study, a process that consists in analyzing all the parts of an idea critically and objectively to see if and where conceptual and/or technical gaps do exist. The feasibility study enables us to validate the idea behind a project by analyzing, in advance, possible problems in its practical implementation.


"Nihil tam arduum quod non ingenio vincas"

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Our team consists of 4 people with acquired skills and interests matured on extremely heterogeneous areas. From information technology to electronics, from embedded systems to 3D modeling, from the Internet of Things to Robotics, to Marketing and Communication. We always try to improve ourselves, learn new techniques and concepts, so we can adapt to a growing number of different scenarios.

Walter Dragonetti

Founder | HW & SW Developer

Progettazione e sviluppo PCB, robot, droni, assemblaggio componenti elettronici, prototipazione e stampa 3D.
Web frontend and backend (MEAN stack), hybrid mobile applications, RDMS and NoSQL databases, 3D modeling and rendering.

Luca Gugliermetti

Founder | HW Developer & Engineer

Nuclear engineer and drilling in energy and environment, design and development of 3D printers, robots, drones, zero gravity thermal exchange systems, econometric analyzes, gas sensors and radioactivity analysis. CFD software knowledge, ROS and integrated systems programming.

Luca Cristofari


Senior Analyst Programmer, been for more than 10 years in IT, proficient in JAVA, Oracle, PL/SQL, SqlServer, MySql, XML, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Unix, PHP 5, C, ProC, C#, .Net, Objective-C, ASP, AngularJs, NodeJs.

Davide Dragonetti

Mktg Specialist

Marketing Specialist in the services market, with multi-year experience in structuring online and offline integrated communication plans, defining actions aimed at increasing the effectiveness of brand and product communication.