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A life loss tool for an optimal management in the operation of insulated power cables, 53rd IEEE IAS Industrial and commercial power system conference (I&CPS) 2017
DOI: 10.1109/ICPS.2017.7945120.

An optimized system management of a power system must take care of the actual operational and energetic duty of the power system distribution, promoting a high efficiency of power cables and avoiding their excessive gap on load and gap on lifetime. A procedure based on the Arrhenius model of the Thermal Aging of Insulating Materials allows implementing a tool to calculate the life loss and the residual useful life for insulated power cables. The paper deals with simplified models to evaluate the power cable temperature behavior considering the load current variable in the time. The life loss analysis can be performed both “off-line”, based on the available circuit parameters and measurements, or “on-line” by appropriate control systems. Furthermore, the paper proposes a specific device to count the “life loss hours”. The employment of such tools supports the system operators to monitor the cables life loss in the effective installation conditions, to optimize their operation and maintenance and, possibly, to upgrade the efficiency of the distribution system.